Quick Tips: Website Design Consideration for E-Marketing Websites

For e-marketing and e-purchasing website need to be well designed, attractive enough on first viewing and at the same time interesting enough to encourage repeat visits. Rayport and Jaworski have proposed that effective websites feature seven design elements that they call the 7C’s

  1. Context: Layout and website design.
  2. Content: Content of the website that usually include text, audio, video, images etc.
  3. Community: Website’s ability to enable user to user communication
  4. Customization: Website personalization feature for different users enabling them to have different appearance and setting based on user controlled parameters & parameters like location, language etc.
  5. Communication: It includes a way of communication between user to website, website to user or both.
  6. Connection: It represents how many backlinks website have.
  7. Commerce: It describes website’s capability to generate leads and produce a sale

Out of the above 7C’s the context & content factor along with one additional ‘C’ – Constant Change, are significant and are responsible to encourage repeat visits and increase your return on investment (ROI). The professionally designed attractive website with pleasing look and at the same time having quality content and clear call to action usually results in high conversion rate.

To have repeat visits, website designing can be effective only with quality content on your website. The informative, useful and interesting content on your website that gets changing over time can have engaging user experience and encourages online visitors to find out more at later days resulting in repeat visits. The higher repeat visit rate can turn into future leads or sell and have direct impact on your conversion rate. Nonetheless, the importance of creating a UI that your users will understand and enjoy using can’t be overstated.

To get maximum out of your website it should have the most appealing visual look, easy to use interface, faster loading time and also helpful content with links to relevant resources. The user friendly design with easy to use navigation system help your website visitors to find important content easily and navigate through their topic of interest. It also equally help search engines to properly crawl & index your web pages and if you have good quality content on your website there are more possibilities to obtain higher rank in search index. To improve search engine indexing semantically correct html and correct use of javascript & css in your website design are equally important along with others. You can help search engines to crawl your website by generating and providing website sitemap.

Website accessibility and usability are very vast and important topics that also require significant considerations when you want to convert your online website visitors into customers.